foothills background scene Portrait of Catherine Mulcahy

Are you:

  • unhappy in your relationship?
  • arguing frequently without any resolutions?
  • unable to trust each other?
  • unable to agree about money?
  • having other issues in your relationship?

I can help...

I am a Relate certified counsellor with over 15 years' experience of counselling.

I have worked for Relate in Surrey and I have a private practice in New Malden.

I work with couples and individuals on relationship and marriage problems.

About me

I trained as a person centred counsellor with The Metanoia Institute in London. I helped to establish The Wimbledon Guild Counselling Service and worked with them as a counsellor. After that I trained with National Relate and have worked with Relate in Surrey for nearly 15 years as a relationship counsellor. I have also worked for various other organisations in South London as a counsellor since 1990. I work with couples and individuals on relationship and marriage problems. I adhere to Relate's code of ethics.


My private practice is in New Malden, about 10 minutes walk from New Malden Station. There is free parking outside. The counselling room is in a private house and is comfortable and secure.

How can counselling help us/me?

I work with couples and individuals on relationship and marriage problems. These problems could be to do with communication, anger, separation, divorce, step-parenting, different opinions on lifestyle, finance and many others. I aim to help you gain a perspective on what is troubling you in your relationship and identify what might be hindering you from having a happier and more fulfilled relationship. I would also help you to clarify and express yourself/selves more clearly and reach a greater understanding of each other.

How many sessions will we have?

It varies. Some people come for one or two and others might take longer. We can discuss this in more detail during our assessment interview.

How much will it cost?

£60 per session for couples and £60 for individuals.

How long does each session last?

Each session lasts 50 minutes.

How do I contact you?

You can contact me by telephone (see below) or .
I normally respond to your enquiry within a day or two.
We can then arrange to meet for an assessment interview.

To find out more, or schedule an initial appointment: or  phone: 020 8946 6867